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to_lolita's Journal

Welcome to the Toronto Lolita Community

TO Lolita
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This is a Toronto/GTA-based community dedicated to Japanese fashions. [Official NEW GTA_LOLITA comm]

WELCOME Fellow Lolita!

If you are interested in joining this community, please read the following:

Prior to joining, please PM Chris - dukekuri the following template completed, so the moderators can know who you are and approve your application faster. After when that's done and approved, you can start posting and commenting.

Contact [e-mail/facebook]:
Selling/Buying Feedback [i.e ebay/etsy/eglfb]:
Reason as to why you're joining:
Which area of the G.T.A are you from:
Please upload any picture of yourself [OPTIONAL]:
Anything else that you want us to know?:

If your application has been approved: [THIS IS OPTIONAL NOT ENFORCED]

If you have been approved, you are welcome to post a mini introduction about yourself. Again, this is not enforced but it would be nice for the other members to know who you are. Please feel free to use the following template for the introduction. If you are going to post an introduction, please do tag the post "intro".

Who are your favorite lolita role models:
What lolita styles do you like:
How long have you been/interested into lolita fashion:
What other Japanese fashion(s) are you interested in besides lolita:
What is your favorite lolita dress(es):
Have you been to any Toronto lolita meet up before:
Which GTA area are you from:
Why you wanted to join this community:

The Guidelines to a Peaceful Community:

1 - Please keep this community peaceful and the atmosphere positive. If you have unsolved issues with any fellow members, please deal with it via private message to prevent pollution to the community. Any posts/replies that do not follow the above descriptions and brings possible harm to members of this community will be removed without any notice.

2 - Tag your posts appropriately and use LJ CUTS for very long posts so it doesn't clutter other people's news read.

3 - Please post topics that are only related to Japanese fashion(s) otherwise the post will be deleted.

4 - If a fellow member is organizing a meet-up, please follow and respect their rules for rsvp-ing. Please contact the moderators if you have any issues.

5 - Have anything to get rid of in your closet? Please follow the sales rules listed on egl_comm_sales. There are no exceptions to the rules.

6 - Enjoy your stay here and most importantly have fun ! Please don't hesitate in posting or replying, no one is going to bite you! Keep comments constructive criticism please where applies.

7 - Other then the first 6 rules, if you have any questions or concerns you can contact any TO Lolita moderator. All the moderators here are active and kind so don't feel intimidated if you need something.

Thank you for joining and we hope you enjoy participating in the community.

- TO Lolita Moderators
Aya - raspberry_kyss [Member Applications, Meet-ups, Generic Posts]
Chris - dukekuri [Member Applications, Meet-ups, Generic Posts]
Joyce - cinna_bun [Tumblr Tuesday, Wishlist Thursday, Generic Posts]
Lani - laniii [Layout/Graphic Moderator]
Courtney - starlyss [Bi-Monthly Meet hostee]

Other Links of Interest/Exchange [Other Local GTA Communities]:
If you have a local community that deals with the same interests as To_lolita please don't hesitate to ask us to link each other.

JSECT - Japanese Style & Culture/Cosplay Community
NIKOTEN - Japanese/Canadian Language Exchange Community