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Anime North Swap Meet Sales Preview!

(Cross posted to SO Lolita)
As I am slowing changing styles towards classic, I will be selling some of my sweet(-ish) items at the swap meet.
Feel free to PM me for more information on individual pieces, and holds. Will supply pictures upon request.
All prices in CAD (will also accept USD is necessary) and Or Best Offer.
Cash only, at the swap meet. If you can't make it but are interested in an item, PM me for further arrangements.

Preview list:

Angelic Pretty
-Milky Berry Set: Halterneck JSK, headbow, socks, and barrette in Mint, and socks and barrette in Pink. $350 OBO
-Royal Chocolate Boston Bag: In Pink, some blue-ish stains from rubbing against my winter coat. $50 OBO
-Umbrella Set: Pink umbrella with frilled edges and matching umbrealla tote bag, with white screen print of a cake on both. $30 OBO
-Strawberry Barrette: Pink barrette with a large strawberry patch in the middle. $20 OBO

-Antique Clock Set: OP and tote bag in Grey, the waist bow for the OP has been sewn on to a barrette clip so it can be worn as a headbow (easy to remove). $40 OBO
-Love Nadia OP: in Brown. $25 OBO
-Full Shirring Blouses: in White and Ivory, with detachable sleeves. $30 OBO each

Plus many other items like brand jewellery and other brand items I might decided to sell, a few pairs of bodyline shoes, an offbrand OP and an offbrand underskirt, a mini mini usakumya rucksack (with no straps), wigs, meta and bodyline totes, etc.
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