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Butter Avenue Meet-up Feb 10 -- RSVP is first come first served.


Hi everyone! I'm organizing a macarons meet-up for 12pm, Sunday February 10th @ Butter Avenue.

Please advise that you must RSVP to attend this event, and only 12 people will be accommodated.

to secure your spot! Please comment with your actual name, in addition
to your username. Three individual have RSVPd through Facebook, because
they do not physically have access to livejournal.

Anyone who RSVPs after spots have been filled will be put on the waiting list.

Due to the restricted nature of this meet-up, I will be instating a no +1's
rule unless slots are available. That way, our limited slots can be
taken up by members of our community. I apologize if this causes any
difficulty. For example, if my boyfriend would like to attend, he will
be automatically wait listed until Saturday, and will only be permitted
to come if there is a space to accommodate him at that time.

Lolitas on the wait list will take precedence over +1's on the wait list.
This is just in the spirit of general fairness, since the spots are
already full and some people may not have had a chance to even see this
thread yet.

1. cadney
2. Robin/Peach Pinku (does not have livejournal, RSVPd through Facebook community)
3. laniii (Alana Coffey)
4. valse_noire (Margaret)
5. teddybearbones (Raechel Dickey)
6. haku23 (Katelynn Watts)
7. Trish (may or may not have LJ)
8. ai_cheeky (Aileen Chinh)
9. chewingtin (Janine Arellano)
10. doll_soul (Tegan)
11. heartless_droid (Jacquie)
12. Anastasia (signed up through facebook because couldn't get into LJ)

Wait List
1. cadney's +1 Trumaine
2. laniii's +1 Colin
3. chewingtin's +1

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