frillyzoe (frillyzoe) wrote in to_lolita,

Introduction post~

Name: Zoe (frillyzoe)
Who are your favorite lolita role models: I like getting inspiration from every lolita.. I have no real role-models.. haha
What lolita styles do you like: Gothic, Classic, I occasionally wear sweet.
How long have you been/interested into lolita fashion: For maybe 2 or 3 years? I cant remember really! Ive known about it for a bit, but only dressed in it on and off since last summer, but Ive been fully dressing lolita recently.
What other Japanese fashion(s) are you interested in besides lolita: Mori girl, thats about it for Japanese fashion. I dress in rockabilly a lot.
What is your favorite lolita dress(es): My Innocent World Tiered JSK with Pearls.. <3 I have a huge wishlist though, haha. Im a huge fan of MMM, AatP and AP's Lady Rose.
Have you been to any Toronto lolita meet up before: Nope! I went to my first SO Lolita one last Saturday though.
Which GTA area are you from: I live in London, but I visit Toronto a couple times every month. I live in Leslieville here.
Why you wanted to join this community: Id love to attend some Toronto meets and make more friends.

Thanks for adding me! I saw the Kensington Market meet on the FB page, Id love to be able to attend that meet. Im in Toronto until Monday, and Ill be going to the SO lolita dinner meetup, haha.

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