bebba_loli (bebba_loli) wrote in to_lolita,

New to this comm

Hi loli's!! My name is Rebecca and I currently live in Calgary but am originally from OSHAWA.
My style is SWEEEET
I am 23 years old, been into lolita for 2 years now.
I am flying in to Toronto from June 26th to July 10th for my wedding and I am hoping to meet the locals!! The Calgary lolita group is very small so it would really make my trip awesome to meet y'all! I'm really super hoping to be able to go to a patisserie to try my very first macaron!!
I can even bring some items that I am hoping to trade for, if anyone is interested (here is the link to my sales page)

In a year or so I will be moving back to Toronto with my husband so it would be nice to make some connections before we come back home :)

Take care, everybody!!

Tags: !intro post, meet-up
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